Skillibeng in a “full-blown” relationship with YouTuber Taveionn Telfer

Jamaican YouTuber, Taveionn Telfer (left) dancehall artiste Skillibeng (right)

In case you were crushing on dancehall artiste Skillibeng, please iron it out. It appears the Mr Universe deejay only has eyes for one star, his girlfriend, Jamaican YouTuber Taveionn Telfer.

Telfer confirmed that the two were in a “full blown” relationship in a recent video on her YouTube channel. This comes after days of speculation on social media that the two were together.

A seemingly nervous Tefler said she felt she needed to address the rumours to control the narrative.

“Skillibeng and I are together, we are in a full-blown relationship,” she said. “I never thought I’d be addressing this anytime soon but you guys went as far as to tun some sorta investigateor, unno go dig real deep and find whatever it is that you guys found, sent it over to some gossip pages, mi see myself inna video. It was getting to a point where it was no longer my truth… So I’m just putting it out there, telling you guys that this is what is happening,”

She also made it clear that she was not some sort of gold-digger after the fast-rising dancehall artiste’s money.

“You guys know nothing about this relationship. You guys know nothing about where we’re coming from or how we got here so let’s leave it there. It’s been going on for a hot second… Mi never ready because I know that these things come with a lot of negativity, a lot of hate, a lot of backlash… Some people will talk and seh, ‘She a do it fi build her channel’. Mi sure unno see mi a build mi own ting pon my own with my own personality from the get-go.”

The video, entitled ‘The Truth About Me and Skillibeng‘ has been viewed almost 120,000 times and is so far the highest viewed video on her channel.