Skillibeng responds to fan who dissed his music

Dancehall artiste Skillibeng

Don’t hold your breath BUZZ Fam, dancehall artiste Skilibeng will not stop releasing music.

The deejay’s dropped his latest single Money Tree on Wednesday (July 14). A day before its release, he teased fans with a short clip from the video. And while many flooded the comment section with fire emojis, indicating that the new song will be a banger, at least one person was not impressed.

“Yuh need fi stop sing f**kry now mi tired a it breda,” he commented under the post.

Skillibeng, in expected celebrity fashion, ignored all the positive reactions and went in for this negative comment. And when we say “went in” we mean the Mr Universe deejay wrote the entire song in response.

“Grow obedient but nuh decent/ we will hurt your feeling from yuh nuh deserve good treatment/ Mi an mi g dem we Mek Suh much money wi cya keep/ dem every bank a help wi count wi digits more than 3 Cheque,” he started.

He continued; “We deh weh d gads a cheese deh, Nuh d cheese weh milk Mek Mi a talk d cheese weh pay yuh bill dem/ buy the block and cement and tek care a children/ Mek sure funds sufficient Pre sum thing like investing/ And build up intrest den mi build a spliff weh bill a calm nah mi head/ Grow wi money Soso money we a flourish without fertilizer/ Pure organic growth nuh additive, Bruck bada wi just cya bada wid ntn average Sadly that’s reality.”

“How mi fih stop Mek money? cya stop deal with the badness, Profit from nothing Till mi slowly provide fimi colleagues From a country weh wih future blurry Goodly from the tummy!” he added.

Skillibeng, apparently wary of people not really listening to his lyrics, concluded his response with this; “if tha song yah f**kry to yuh simply mean yuh naav nuh f**king sense. SIMPLE…”

He added”Naa block unu. Gwan watch e growth Full up mi comments View my stuff Hate Fine Good doing business with you.”

And we dare say, Skillibeng is experiencing growth. Since he released the song Money Tree on Wednesday, it’s been viewed almost 130,000 times on YouTube and is currently trending at the number 18 spot.