So cool! Stalk Ashley using cute Instagram filter to promote ‘Incognito’

Jamaican entertainer Stalk Ashley has gotten her own Instagram filter, which is being used to promote her new track, Incognito.

Stalk Ashley

The singer debuted the filter, which is also called ‘Incognito’, on Tuesday night. The filter has the same background as the image that was being used to promote the song recently.

Stalk Ashley used the filter on Tuesday night and shared a video of it via her Instagram Story.

“Here’s a cute filter to have some fun with,” she said.

She also shared videos of other people using the filter.

Incognito, which features Alkaline, was released on October 23. So far, it has received more than 550,000 views on YouTube.

Stalk Ashley has described it as a dream come true to work with Alkaline.

“Everybody has their favorite and Alkaline is mine Idc. He’s been MY artiste!! I’ve been a fan from him a seh “emedicusmobestaliannasucadiatucazmo” or whateva! 2-3 years ago I was doing covers of his songs. Now we have a whole song together,” she tweeted recently.