Soca star Destra Garcia gets talk show, says she’ll remain on TV post pandemic

Destra Garcia

Trinidadian soca singer Destra Garcia is now on television.

The singer’s self-titled show debuted in mid-November on the WESN network.

While admitting that the show came about during the pandemic, she says the project goes well beyond COVID-19.

Garcia explained that immediately after Carnival and just before all the COVID-19 restrictions, the network contacted her about coming onboard with a talk show project.

According to Garcia, as with all new ventures, she was a bit nervous but notes that the opportunity blends well with her personality.

Garcia told a local T&T publication that she had long been criticised for talking too much on stage, noting that the talk show presented the perfect platform to channel her excessive chattiness.

However, Garcia said the talk show, while similar to being on stage, was not the same, as she is showcasing a different side of her personality.

“It’s not like performing on stage where I know I could sing and I could freestyle and interact with a live audience,” Garcia said.

“So I had to find parallels between how I am on stage and how I am doing the show and embrace the differences.”

Garcia further shared that based on how the show is structured she will continue to host it even post the pandemic, noting that she would use the weekends to do her music gigs.

The Destra Garcia Show, now in its third week, airs three times weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.