Soca star Nailah Blackman explores different genres on ‘The Reel’

Nailah is radiant in this scene from the Sweet and Loco music video.
Nailah is radiant in this scene from the Sweet and Loco music video.

Known by many for her weirdly yet unique vocals, soca artiste Nailah Blackman is showing different sides t her music with a new EP, titled The Reel.

In the seven-track body of work, she dabbles in R&B with her track Kills. In Sweet And Loco, she fuses afrobeat with soca for a playful yet sexy song. The Trinidadian was also inspired by hip hop as Break It Down features rapper Trinidad James.

Nailah's EP, The Reel, was released in August.
Nailah’s EP, The Reel, was released in August.

Nailah recently explained to Fader that she wanted to create a body of work with different influences.

“Even though I am an ambassador for soca music, I love so many different types of music, and I intend to at least try every one of them,” she said.

Blackman, who burst out on the scene in 2017 with Workout – a track done with Kes, has been making musical strides. Since her big break, she has toured, Japan, Europe, America and made several stops in the Caribbean.

Although her grandfather, Lord Shorty, is credited with inventing Jamoo and the more popular soca, Nailah intends to create her own legacy in the music industry.

“It’s all great to be local and support local, but Caribbean artistes are much more than just soca, dancehall or reggae,” the singer explained.

The Reel, which is available for purchase on all streaming platforms, was released in August. It features other tracks such as Lost, Boujee, Enough and No Barbie.

Written by Shania Hanchard