Soca star Preedy shares positive message on ‘Maloney Story’

Soca star Preedy released his EP, Maloney Story, on September 18.
Soca star Preedy released his EP, Maloney Story, on September 18.

Trinidadian recording artiste Preedy has released an EP called Maloney Story, which was inspired by the area he grew up in.

Preedy grew up in Maloney Gardens that many would consider to be a ‘ghetto’ area. However, the entertainer has used the name of the community to share a different message.

“The negative doesn’t define me. I want people to look at the positive that comes out of my area (Maloney Gardens) and not what the media portrays. I want to bring hope to anyone in the community that is looking for that sign that they can do what they love to do and be successful,” Preedy told BUZZ.  

“Each song was chosen because it expresses a different side of my mental thinking on Maloney Story… me paying homage to where I came from and how much it has affected me as an artiste and an overall adult.”

And since the project was released on September 18, Preedy has been getting good reviews.

“It’s a huge step for me in terms of managing my releases and also putting forth quality out of season music, seeing as that I am considered a soca artiste. It’s all about showing that diversity,” he said.  

The soca star is even happier that he was finally able to release Maloney Story.

“Through all the of the headaches, setbacks and at one point I doubted this project would even drop. But after missing the deadline four times and replacing two productions last minute, I’m overjoyed to announce the Maloney Story EP has finally been released on ALL streaming platforms for your listening pleasure,” Preedy said on his Instagram page on Thursday.