Soca vs dancehall debate becoming a thing of the past? DJ Richie RAS thinks so

Soca DJ and party promoter Richie Ras says carnival continues to grow in Jamaica.

The ‘soca versus dancehall’ debate is slowly becoming a thing of the past due to the continuous growth of the carnival industry locally. This is according to popular DJ and soca party promoter DJ Richie RAS.

“This is like apples vs oranges to me. I appreciate and love both, and they each feed my spirit in different ways. I find that too many persons tend to waste so much time and energy with this debate,” said the DJ, whose real name is Richard Spence.

“Jamaica is slowly gaining an appreciation for soca music.”

— DJ Richie Ras

Richie, who is one of the directors for Jamaican carnival band Xaymaca, said that instead of focusing on the ‘soca vs dancehall’ debate, people should try to find ways to monetarily benefit from the growth of carnival in Jamaica. 

Growing industry

He also believes that carnival has grown so much in Jamaica that soca is now a must-play genre at events.

This beauty shows off a costume during the Xaymaca band launch last year.

“Jamaica is slowly gaining an appreciation for soca music, as we now have more events and experienced DJs playing the genre, as well as more artistes and personalities taking an interest and contributing musically,” Richie explained while dismissing suggestions that soca is only for the ‘uptown’ Jamaicans.  

“We tend to find a lot of new persons just going to the fetes to experience what all the hype is about. And because most persons enjoy these experiences, we find that more and more the interest in the genre and the market continues to grow.”