Social media influencer Tanaania tested positive for COVID-19

Social media influencer Tanaania Tracey has revealed she contracted the coronavirus.

Tracey shared that she started developing symptoms on October 21 and tested positive almost a week later.

Tanaania shared the news via her YouTube channel this evening, following a positive test on October 27.

She started experiencing symptoms on October 21 when she wanted to film a cooking video with another influencer but was feeling “really sick”.

The symptoms included a headache, tiredness and burning eyes.

“What we need to do as people is to be responsible for ourselves but not only us, but for those who we are around.”

– Tanaania Tracey

She was advised by a friend to take a multisymptom medication but awoke the following day with additional symptoms of shortness of breath, sneezing and a stuffy nose.

The Instagram influencer said she didn’t think anything was seriously wrong until she was out with friends the Saturday and could not taste the spicy potato chips she was eating.

Her sense of taste did not return over the next two days during which she mostly slept through, she said.

After updating her friend, she was encouraged to do a coronavirus test, which she shared on camera. The rapid test revealed that she had contracted the virus.

Today, a week and a half after her positive test, she included the update to the video.

Health update

“I am on my 10th day of quarantine when you are seeing this video. I absolutely could not complete the video last week. Not that I was inconsolable, I was sad though and just like in disbelief but I had to go ahead and call everybody that I was around, my close circle and my family who I had seen and get them tested,” Tanaania said.

She continued, “Thank God they were negative and up until yesterday when I did another test as well, they are negative and I am negative… none of them have been exhibiting any signs or anything that looks close to what I had or the textbook signs.”

She said despite the negative test, she will be completing her 14 day quarantine, and encouraged people to take responsibility for themselves and others.

“That’s why you need to do a combination of everything, wear your masks, wash your hands and you have to do your temperature checks and stay home if you are feeling sick, anything resembling the flu…”

“What we need to do as people is to be responsible for ourselves but not only us, but for those who we are around because I’ve realised with this virus you have to be looking out for people.”