“Some gal only grow corn pan toe”: Shenseea shows off her backyard garden

Despite being a top dancehall act, Shenseea seemingly has other interests which include farming her backyard garden.

The Side Chick Song artiste took her Instagram recently to show off the progress of several of her crops.

“Watch ya man, corn a grow in a back yard, whappen to dem? Some gal only grow corn pan toe, we a farm round ya, we a farm inna backyard, some gal a farm fool” she told her over a million followers while captioning it with ‘U nae know? Reap what you sow”.

It’s uncertain if this was a cleverly veiled jab at anyone in particular, however she got a lot of love from her fan base with most using lines from her post in their comments as they sought to show support for her endeavour.

Shenseea, in response to a comment, indicated that she was a country girl at heart, hailing from St Elizabeth, the leading producer of agricultural produce and is described as the bread basket in Jamaica.