Some Jamaican artistes lack knowledge, says Nicky B

Many have asked why Jamaican acts are not going mainstream internationally, and singer Nicky B has the answer.

Jamaican Singer Nicky B
Jamaican Singer Nicky B

In an interview with popular online-based show ‘The Fix’, Nicky B said that music executives are gravitating to acts who do reggaeton and afrobeat more than Jamaican entertainers.

“In my opinion and based on the conversations that I have had with record execs and A&Rs, most of them are going towards these artistes especially because they don’t like doing business with Jamaicans,” he said.

He added that afrobeat and reggaeton entertainers are far ahead of the game.

“There is no shortage of talent here.”

— Nicky B

“Dem getting all the work, is not a question or there is no debate here,” Nicky B said.

When asked if the music from the other countries is better than that coming from Jamaican, Nicky B was quick to state that the island has many talented acts.

“No weh nuh mek betta music than this country. We make some of the best, and we make some of the worst. There is no shortage of talent here. What there is a shortage of is knowledge,” said the entertainer, who was recently featured on a global campaign for beer company Budweiser.

Written by Shania Hanchard