Some rape accusers “lie bad”, says Queen Ifrica’s daughter

Tanzania Barrett (left) with her mother, Queen Ifrica.

No stranger to controversy Queen Ifrica’s daughter, Tanzania Barrett, has expressed doubts about some rape allegations which were shared on Twitter by a user who has since disappeared from the platform.

A screenshot of the video posted to Tanzania’s Instagram.

Jamaican Twitter was the site of much buzz on Tuesday evening after an account, which surfaced a day earlier, began sharing screenshots of stories from alleged rape victims.

According to Barrett, while she is not seeking to discredit the alleged victims, she says their stories must be taken with caution, as the allegations could be false. 

“I don’t usually do this on my private story but me ago talk mek some of them people yah hear. Some of dem gyal yah lie bad,” said Barrett in a forty-three second clip which was posted to her Snapchat story.  

“Dem lie bad! You get me. I am not one to go around and discredit anyone ‘bout dem sexual stuff -if them get rape or whatever- no, I am not one to discredit you and seh is lie you telling but if you read the story them dawg, you can tell that most of them is capped – you can tell that it is capped, ” added Barrett who later went on to use some curse words as she expressed her feelings on the matter.

18-year-old Barrett went on to say that this was why she didn’t “mess with girls”, as they could be “messy”. 

Barrett’s Snapchat clip has been making the rounds on social media with users criticising the teen for not being more sensitive.

“Her madda must be really disappointed,” said one Twitter user.

“Nuh her mother sing big tune on these issues? How she a gwan suh?,” added another on Facebook.

Barrett is no stranger to coming under fire on social media, as she felt the heat of public attention when she sided with her half-sister and Tony Rebel’s daughter, Davianah, who sought to air the family’s dirty laundry in public.

The duo back in January 2019 accused their parents of being “self-centered”, “inconsiderate” and “wicked “. `