Some strange tech unveiled in 2020 so far…

The curtains closed on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 10, which saw the gathering of some of the brightest minds in technology. Innovators and engineers shared and showcased the results of research and development.

However, while many innovations go on to become staples in everyday life, some inventions border on the bizarre. Let’s look at some outlandish tech from this year’s CES.

The RollBot to the rescue. (Photo: Procter & Gamble)

Charmin RollBot

So, you’re sitting on the toilet, and to your horror, there’s no TP. You call out to a friend or family member, but to your dismay, you’re all alone. Not to worry, toilet paper maker Charmin invented the Charmin RollBot prototype. This mini machine will bring you toilet paper. The current prototype RollBots work by connecting to an app on a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can then summon the RollBot to bring you a much-needed roll on a pre-trained path to the bathroom. So, you can exit the throne room the way you went in… clean. The RollBot is only a concept now.

The S-Pod is smart mobility. (Photo: Segway)

Segway S-Pod

Segway also paid tribute to laziness with the S-Pod concept. The S-Pod is a concept, two-wheel, self-balancing transport vehicle. Segway says it’s a “small transport pod for enclosed campuses.” The personal chair on wheels has a top speed of 24.8 miles per hour and weighs 330 pounds. Also, the machine can climb a 10° Hill Grade. The S-Pod is controlled by a joystick sitting on the right-hand side. There’s also a slot on the left for a tablet for moving around as well. The S-Pod has lights on the back and front, to indicate to others which way you’re turning.

Segway is confident users won’t fall out because the chair is engineered to be perfectly balanced. That way, you can roll around like the sky people in Wall-E.

The device is a concept with no precise date for consumer purchase.

A cushion with a wagging tail. (Photo: Amazon)

Qoobo Cushion

Have you ever wanted the warmth of a pet that didn’t require feeding or cleaning up its mess? Well, Qoobo (pronounced Koo-bo) is back at it again with the Petit Qoobo. The Petit Qoobo is a smaller take on the equally bizarre, more considerable invention. The Qoobo is a robot cushion with fur that wags its tail when caressed or rubbed. The robot’s tail moves differently depending on how you stroke it. The Petit Qoobo isn’t available for purchase just yet. Still, you can grab a larger Qoobo on Amazon for US$149 to satisfy all your lifelike tail wagging, pet-free needs.

Other honourable mentions:

Smell Sense from Charmin. (Photo: Procter and Gamble)

Charmin Smell Sense – With an inorganic nose, Smell Sense can tell if it’s safe to use a bathroom or if you’re better off waiting a while until the scent dissipates.

LOVOT Robots. (Photo: LOVOT)

LOVOT Robot – Miniature robot designed to make you more comfortable and “aimed at bringing out people’s loving side.” The robot has a horn-like antenna on its head equipped with a 360-degree camera and microphone so it can see and hear you. The robot is also able to differentiate between humans and other objects.