Spice accepts Lisa Hyper’s apology

Dancehall artiste Spice has graciously accepted the apology extended to her by Lisa Hyper, and has offered Lisa Hyper an apology too.

“Apology accepted‼️and I’d like to apologize to you too, because at the end of the day the disrespect wasn’t one-sided,” she posted on her Instagram.

On Wednesday Lisa Hyper took to her Instagram account to offer an olive branch to the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Dancehall”, beseeching Spice to allow them move beyond the past.

In her message to Lisa Hyper, Spice also took responsibility for her part in the feud and praised the ‘Gaza First Lady’ for her bravery in doing a public apology.

“I too retaliated towards you in my diss song in a very derogatory manner. Big up yuh self , a public apology takes humility so I respect your bold move,” Spice wrote.

She also expressed regret at what they could have achieved if they had worked together.

“I’m sure if our friendship had continued we would have been a greater force to reckon working together,” she said.

But, as they both turn this new leaf, Spice is hoping for the best.

“Life is way too short and too much happening around us especially in these times for us to be carrying on disdain. I have no contempt towards you, in fact, I believe you are extremely talented and I wish you great success in this male-dominated business,” she said.

Both women were praised for their maturity, by people including dancehall Popcaan and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi.