Spice accuses babyfather and spiritual advisor of plotting against her

Dancehall artiste Spice is accusing her babyfather, Nicholas Lall, of conspiring with spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith to tarnish her brand.


Smith has been on a week-long tirade to expose the rituals he allegedly practised to place her at the top in dancehall. In an Instagram Live, he claimed her son did not belong to Lall and played a voice note where Spice said her babyfather slept with her ex-dancer Danger. Lall joined the Live to confirm the claim that he had sex with the dancer.

More allegations

However, Spice said their alleged plan backfired as Danger alleged Lall raped her. He later denied the accusations

“Eediat Nicholas, yuh go pon di man Live a try bring mi dung til yuh end up even a bring dung your owna son,” she started. “First of all, even if yuh never know seh di man a go talk bout yuh son, from him mention yuh son, if yuh did love and rate and respect yuh son, from him mention it yuh know weh yuh woulda seh? ‘Don’t talk bout mi son’. But yuh suh up inna di hype and want the clout…hear yuh nuh a beat yuh chest, ‘Mi f**k Danger’ because yuh feel like seh when yuh talk seh yuh f**k Danger it a go look bad pon me and people a go laugh and seh, ‘Spice babyfather did a f**k pon har’. Mi nuh care, memba a years yuh inna mi house and mi stop f**k yuh cause mi hate yuh like poison.”

Nicholas Lall

Danger was removed from her Team Spice ensemble in 2018 after the artiste heard rumours that she slept with Lall. Spice said it was not until this year that Danger reached out to her and claimed that it was rape.

“Yuh see if yuh did talk, dis wouldn’t reach yuh…” she said. “Yuh shoulda talk long time because mi nuh care enuh, babyfather or babyfather not enuh, mi same one woulda stand up beside a yuh and mek sure seh any man weh rape fi go a prison, mi nuh really response… She need fi report it, nuh care a how much years.”

Seeking attention

She added that she does not want to be associated with Lall’s rape allegation and that if he tries to damage her career their kids will suffer as she is the breadwinner.

RT Boss

Spice also dismissed Smith’s claim that her son’s father is deejay Baby Cham and asked Lall to visit her for a paternity test if he is doubtful.

As for Smith, Spice reiterated that he is just seeking attention through slander and fabricated stories, but highlighted some good in his actions.

“Yuh nuh see how much things a buss out?” she asked. “A one fasting me do and Danger text me and seh she waan talk to me… A God mek di man come a talk because when di man start talk everything start root out. Dancer a chat mi, dis a one yah a seh dat, when God come fi work God come fi work.”