Spice accuses Walmart of racial profiling

Dancehall deejay Spice is accusing American retailer Walmart of racial profiling following an unpleasant experience yesterday.

Dancehall artiste Spice has accused Walmart of racial profiling following an incident while shopping yesterday.

In an Instagram Live last night, the entertainer detailed racking up three trolleys at one of its stores, only to be the subject of “excitement” when she opted to pay by cash.

“When mi tek out the cash and a count up the money…mi see a black woman run come from over Jericho, ‘Ummm excuse me, ummm, you know we gotta double count?’. She use one f**k-up word, mi neven know it, it coming like a dem store word where she a try fi seh di woman alone cya count di cash, somebody else haffi count which it has happened to me before when mi go Louis Vuitton and use mi cash…

“Mi seh di Jamaican just come outta mi. Mi seh, ‘Lady, I don’t care weh yuh waan seh, I feel a way’.”

– Spice

“So she come and seh somebody else haffi count di money, she count di money… She come back again fi seh they don’t have the machine fi detect if the money fake. You know mi a get ignorant now cause memba me stand up a di counter, you know the line long in deh cause a Christmas now so everybody a look…”

She added that the woman went on to question the authenticity of some US$50 bills, so she took more from her bag which the woman could choose from. According to Spice, three black women were involved in the process, and one told her to not “feel a way” about it.

“Yes, mi feel a way,” said Spice. “Yuh see if mi did white, sad to say, she woulda expect seh mi coulda have so much money. But she don’t know mi, she don’t know seh a Spice, she just see a likkle black girl come wid di three trolley a cash out and she see cash so she tun eediat. She black enuh, but true society done embed it inna our mind already seh we nuffi have so much money and we nuffi push out three trolley outta Walmart.”

She said she usually tries to “act decent” while overseas, but said the situation warranted her Jamaican side.

“I say, ‘I feel a way, I feel a bloodcl**t way’… Mi seh di Jamaican just come outta mi. Mi seh, ‘Lady, I don’t care weh yuh waan seh, I feel a way’.”

Spice said instances like these are why she wrote her 2018 song Black Hypocrisy. The track hit out against systemic classism and racism, and formed part of her Capture EP.