Spice and Baby Cham kick off Condensed Milk challenge

Spice and Cham introduce Condensed Milk challenge

Just two week after the release of their risque new collaboration, ‘Condensed Milk’ dancehall artistes Spice and Baby Cham have announced a new challenge linked to the track.

Declaring that it’s about to be a ‘Milky Christmas’, Spice shared the news of the challenge to her social media page earlier this week. The winner of the challenge is slated to walk away with a cash prize of a whopping USD $5000.

“Woooieee it’s gonna be a Milky Christmas! $5,000 for the winner. Make your videos upload it and hashtag #BabyChamSpiceCondensedMilk. Entry close November 6th @thecham,” Spice post read.

Both artistes have since taken to Instagram to share more information on the challenge including the rules. To walk away with the USD $5000 cash prize, contestants must incorporate milk in their videos. According to the competition’s hosts, the entries will be judged on creativity and wicked dance skills. A fan favourite complex will also play part in the final decision.

Information also coming forward is that the challenge is open to contestants worldwide, who have been asked incorporate the use of milk when doing their bit.

“Woooieee it’s gonna be a Milky Christmas! $5,000 for the winner.”


The Condensed Milk single, which features some steamy lyrics and raunchy visuals, has already racked up more than half a million views on streaming platform YouTube.