Spice and baby father drag each other online….again

Last July, Spice and her children’s father, Nicholas Lall, engaged in a nasty online spat after she blasted him for being an absentee dad. A year later, the formerly engaged couple has taken to social media to air their dirty laundry once more, and the contention seems to be the same.

Dancehall artiste Spice and ex, Nicholas Lall, have taken to social media again to air their grouses.

The two share a daughter and a son, and the public was again drawn into their affairs after Lall posted photos of his son, and his older daughter, mothered by another woman.

Lall, who last year accused Spice of restricting access to his kids, suggested in his Instagram caption that his son was deliberately being isolated from his other sister.

“Mi nuh need fi put him pon child support because God bless me fi tek care a my kids dem and mi a help my blessings…”

– Spice

“You are both my kids, you guys might be different mom but you guys are blood you guys have a bond from day one no one can come between the bond you guys have just continue to love each other from a distance no child should be stop from showing love to their sibling love is all I teach you guys continue to love, love you both this too shall pass.”

Spice’s blue-heart gang were quick to challenge him in the comments, and the Cool It deejay eventually caught wind of his post and took to Instagram Live to blast him for taking the issue to social media.

Spice said she’s not preventing Lall from seeing their children and that he needs to make greater effort.

“You is a wicked, dutty man, yuh fi stop it,” Spice said. “A obeah dem obeah yuh? Dem set yuh pon mi?… Nuff time yuh get up and yuh go pon the internet and talk all kinda tings and yuh just a provoke me spirit cause yuh waan mi fi talk all kinda tings…”

She added that her son was not with her at the time, and declared that she is not preventing him from seeing his dad.

“You a call Nicholas, you can’t get Nicholas. Since as yuh seh yuh waan be a big man, yuh nuh text mi as di madda and seh waa gwaan wid Nicholas or Nicholas a text me and it strange cause yuh claim seh him a text yuh and it look strange like mi have him phone…yuh always a talk foolishness…”

Spice accused her ex of not providing for their children, particularly when they need to return to school.

She labelled his actions as clout-chasing, and challenged him to be as open when it comes to financially supporting his kids.

“September morning come when di whole heap of school fee cost how much million dollar, yuh nah call, yuh nah post, yuh nah go pon Instagram go seh nothing, yuh do like yuh nuh know. When uniform fi buy yuh do like yuh nuh know. When socks fi buy yuh do like yuh nuh know. When shoes fi buy yuh do like yuh nuh know or hear…when book fi buy mi cya hear from you.”

Spice claimed he contacted her months ago to extend an olive tree branch.

“Memba mi nuh really like him, a nuh my favourite cup a tea. Memba me is a single madda, mi do everything by myself. Mi neva put him pon child support nuh care wah people a tell mi bout him wicked and mi fi put him pon child support. Mi nuh need fi put him pon child support because God bless me fi tek care a my kids dem and mi a help my blessings…so if you feel like yuh nuh waan support your child, your problem…”