Spice and Justin Budd back together

Dancehall artiste Spice and Justin Budd

So, we call it! dancehall artiste Spice and her man, Justin Budd have not broken up. The two are apparently as chummy as ever.

Read this? Spice and Justin no longer together?

Remember BUZZ Fam, a few weeks ago, people began speculating whether they had called it quits on their relationship after Budd revealed that he had spent Father’s Day alone. Spice also made a cryptic post on her social media too, wishing herself a Happy Father’s Day while spending the day with her two kids in bed.

A few days prior, Spice had also told Wendy Williams that she was single.

So if you fell for it, we’re not judging.

But after their recent Instagram Live, we don’t know what they could do to convince us again that they’re no longer together. Spice, who was away from home, and doing the Live with her fans, decided to have her Budd join in. And we gotta say BUZZ Fam, we felt like we were watching a rom-com with all of that PDA.

Spice had apparently gotten stuck in New York because of the rain and wanted to return home to her boo. He suggested that she hopped on a jet and come home to him

“I wish I was locked up with my baby,” Spice said, after sharing that her flight was cancelled.

“I thought we was going fire the jet up?” Budd asked.

“I wish I was home in that bed with you, I wish I was home in that bed with you,” Spice responded.

And after Budd told her that he was waiting on her, and Spice didn’t want to make him wait too long.

“Ama call the jet and check it out, mi haffi come home right now, mi cya stay a New York wah next minute she said, to which Budd responded; “You ain’t gotta call them, I already did.”

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And after expressing, again how much they miss and love each other, and enduring some teasing from friends in the background, the Live ended.

And now we’re just wondering, did she make it that night? We just wanna know!