‘So Mi Like It!’ Spice endorses Lisa Hanna with catchy election dub

It may be too soon to declare a winner for the dub clash Jamaican politicians are currently putting on, but Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna has made a solid case for herself as the frontrunner.

Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna released her second campaign dub, this time featuring Spice.

Hanna was first out the gate with an endorsement for her campaign by Trending Gyal artiste Shenseea. The release started a snowball effect which saw other candidates including Peter Bunting, Floyd Green, Krystal Tomlinson, Phillip Paulwell and others follow in quick succession.

Hanna upped the ante today when she released the remix of dancehall’s reigning queen Spice’s hugely popular So Mi Like It.

Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna with Leader of the Opposition Peter Phillips

The catchy tune speaks to Hanna’s performance in her South East St Ann constituency over her three terms as MP with the video incorporating shots of her decade of work and interactions with constituents. The video is a sharp contrast to her first video which showed her primarily in House of Representatives.

But it’s the lyrics and delivery of Spice in prime form, that has the Internet BUZZing:

Lisa Hanna ago buss dem bubble and

Walk out and everybody ina trouble and

Face a bend up, dem a struggle, dem a cuddle, Lisa me everybody just a grumble, grumble, grumble and…”

It incorporates just enough of the self-assuredness that a winning MP and top-flight dancehall artiste would display with the lines:

“Lisa Hanna right now none a dem cyan defeat, fix up the place St Ann look sweet

No long talking she a work fi the street, Miss World ’93 yea, she dweet”

However, Spice’s endorsement was not without a warning to those who would stand in Hanna’s way for a fourth-term bid with:

“Sophisticated but nuh cross the line she know fi whop it”

And of course it wouldn’t be a Spice dub without a little playfulness as the singer said she wanted to say more but had to keep it “cute”.

“Lisa Hanna, big up yuself, queen say dat. Yu know mi did want talk up some more sum’ and gwaan wid myself but mi haffi keep it nice and cute. Respect!”

Check out the full video below: