Spice applauds Jamaica’s COVID-19 protocols

Dancehall artiste, Spice

It looks like dancehall artiste, Spice is trying to come home. But the protocols implemented by the Jamaican government for people travelling back into the country is not making it easy.

But that’s okay though. According to the Suh Mi Like artiste, she is happy that the government is doing its best to limit imported coronavirus cases.

“Den a suh it did hard fi fly into Jamaica I love it though. Respect mi country a try hard fi keep out #Carona,” she tweeted.

Jamaicans returning home are required to apply to do so through an application process on the Jamcovid19 site. And they are encouraged to not finalise travel arrangements before a conditional approval has been granted.

All returning residents are also required to test for COVID-19 when they arrive and remain in quarantine for 14 days after their arrival.