Spice buys house in Atlanta, surprises kids

A surprise that was totally worth it! Spice hugs her kids

Dancehall artiste Spice continues to make big moves. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star recently bought a house in Atlanta and surprised her kids, Nicholas and Nicholatoy.

The single mom explained that filming for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, travelling all over the world to perform, and starting her business causes her to miss spending time with her two kids. So she hoped buying a house in the city where she spends a lot of time could remedy that.

Her fans witnessed the heartwarming moment on her YouTube channel, Spice Official World.

“I bought a house like a month ago, but the kids don’t know, we saw that house during quarantine and they really loved it, but I did a whole renovation, I did over everything. I fixed their rooms to exactly how they wanted it, and mi just ago surprise them today. I’m super happy, I’m excited,” the smiling mom told viewers.

After giving her kids a tour of the house, they were absolutely in love with it. In fact, Nicholatoy wanted to spend the night! Little did she know that she’d be spending many more nights there.

But Spice had to find the perfect way to let them know that the house was theirs. She wrote heartfelt letters and had them read it aloud together.”I know I’ve been away from you, but you are the reason for the things I do,” the letters to the kids read. “I hope you know that I love you, everything I do is for you…. This house belongs to you.”

Nicholas and Nicholatoy reading the special message from mom

Realising what that meant, the kids were overjoyed. And what we witnessed next was hugging and screaming, and just pure love.

Spice then revealed to them that she had moved in everything already, so they will be moving in immediately. She had renovated the floors, counters, cupboards, bedrooms, and staircase to make the house more theirs.