Spice celebrates one-year anniversary of ‘Black Hypocrisy’

Spice broke the Internet last year with her 'new' look.
Spice broke the Internet last year with her ‘new’ look.

Last year, dancehall artiste Spice almost broke the Internet with Black Hypocrisy, and now, she is celebrating the song’s one-year anniversary.

“One year ago on this date, October 22nd, I boldly took a stance to address an issue that has been affecting darker skin black women,” she said.

“Last year I broke the Internet, but I hope I also broke the barriers of colourism, I did the extreme by using make-up to create a Eurocentric appearance that seems to be more appreciated within today’s society.”

Dancehall artiste Spice

Last year, Spice was featured on major news outlets in the US, UK and the Caribbean for her ‘new’ appearance, as well as her message.

“My make-up picture was done just to bring awareness to colourism. Today, I hope that my message did not fly over your heads and that the darker skin black women are loved and appreciated equally as any shade. Happy anniversary #blackhypocrisy,” Spice said.

Written by Shania Hanchard