Spice drops music video for ‘Clean’

Dancehall artiste Spice on Thursday (November 26) re-released a single, entitled Clean


The dancehall diva, who has finally dropped visuals for the track, appears in the video as a ballerina instructor spitting lyrics about the cleanliness of her lady bits. 

As is part of Spice’s signature style, her dancers are nearby showing off their acrobatic moves.

Spice’s track dissuades women against paternity fraud and makes her views known about abortion.

“Me file clean like under me, plus no baby duppy nah follow me,” sang Spice who is seen showing off her inner thigh strength, as she extends her legs into the air.

“And me nuh give me pickney dem to the wrong daddy… Me underneath clean so me a open up,” adds Spice in her catchy dancehall-pop style track.

Spice first released Clean in 2016.