Spice endorses Lisa Hanna for PNP president

Dancehall artiste Spice has thrown her support behind Lisa Hanna for leadership of the PNP.

Dancehall artiste Spice has seemingly endorsed Lisa Hanna for leadership of the People’s National Party.

Spice, who well-known friend of Hanna’s shared her endorsement in a reply to a post the four-term St Ann South Eastern Member of Parliament made on her Instagram page today.

“Only ego would make us think truth is weakness.I have nothing to hide.”

– Lisa Hanna

Hanna captioned the video, where she shares her way forward for the Opposition party, with “Life isn’t perfect. We may face horrific situations that may bend us, but ultimately they’ll never break us. My life’s challenges have been in public view and I’ve always walked through the storms unbroken. Only ego would make us think truth is weakness.I have nothing to hide. You can count on my indomitable spirit and resilience to always fight through any storm to do what’s right, and good for every single one of you.”

Spice replied to the post “I just heard Sister P (former leader Portia Simpson Miller) said it and I hope they make the right decision, you are the true leader for this party.”

The Inches artiste ended her statement with the hashtag #bringbackthelove, Hanna’s slogan for her presidential campaign.

Hanna will face-off against Mark Golding for leadership of the PNP in a special delegates conference scheduled for November 7.