Spice hangs with the giraffes in Africa

Dancehall artiste Spice is in the motherland of Africa and it seems she is taking her time to enjoy the trip.

On a visit to Zambia, the ‘Go Down Deh’ artiste has decided to enjoy the sights which includes her visiting with some of the exotic animals that Africa has to offer. 

She has since found herself in a giraffe reserve and keeping true to her sense of fashion, the ‘So Mi Like It’ singer went adorned in an ensemble with patterns resembling the skin of a giraffe.

“Out in the wild feeding the giraffes in Zambia. I’m 5ft and the giraffe neck alone is about 6ft” she wrote on her Instagram which included several pictures and videos of her escapade.

She also shared a bit of knowledge with her fans about the animals.

“The giraffe is an African artiodactyla mammal, the tallest living animal and the largest ruminant. Did you know that the giraffe have the same number of bones in their necks as humans,” she continued.

It seems Spice had a grand time with the animals and she even shared a moment which she deemed as a blooper when she ran from one joking that she did not like how he was looking at her. 

It seems like Spice is kicking off her birthday celebrations early as she is set to celebrate her 39th birthday on August 6.

Coincidentally she is set to release her album ‘Ten’ on the same day which already has received strong pre-orders from fans.