Spice heaps praise on Jada Kingdom after being called her “mentor”

Women in dancehall have gotten a bad rap for being less than supportive of each other, but Spice and Jada Kingdom are out here showing us that it can be done.

Dancehall artiste Spice

Following a performance in West Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend, Jada Kingdom shared clips of herself clad in a sheer, blue bodysuit while twerking to her hit song Budum.

Jada Kingdom thanked her fans in the video’s caption, adding “and thanks to my mentor @spiceofficial I love you queen.”

The WiN artiste continued, “Nuff artiste nuh waan big up who come before dem & give credit to who dem learn from…mi nave dat inna mi.”

Spice reshared the post, thanking Jada and noting that her appreciation “means a lot to me”.

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, said “In all my years in this industry I’ve never been tagged by a female artiste to say they watched and learned anything from me.”

Jada Kingdom

The So Mi Like It artiste said Jada Kingdom even once told her that she would sit and watch her performances when she was younger, and now she’s “mashing up everywhere she goes”.

Spice added, “Big up uself Mumma heavy your heart speaks volume ✊🏿 I’m a big fan I’m so proud of you and your growth is impeccable.”