Spice is THAT friend: Artiste convinces Karlie Redd to break diet

Dancehall artiste Spice (left) Karlie Redd (right)

We all have that one friend that will influence us to do something we don’t really wanna do. Turns out for the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Karlie Redd, that friend is dancehall artiste and cast member, Spice.

The two were having lunch at a restaurant on Thursday (September 10) when a persistent Spice convinced Redd to break her diet.

She posted the result in a hilarious video on her Instagram, “So I’m breaking my diet here, having a piece of bread, my friend Karlie here talking bout she’s not breaking her diet,” she said.

“Try it, Karlie, it’s so good. Look on the inside, the butter is melting, ohh baby try it, you’re gonna love it! I promise you,” Spice said in a most endearing voice to a reluctant Karlie, who after only a few seconds of protesting, gave in.

” f**k it!. I’m doing it!,” she said while reaching for her plate, much to the the amusement of Spice, who burst out laughing.

Spice, it seemed, wasn’t the only one who was amused. People in her comments section couldn’t get enough.

“Karlie gave in so fast🤣🤣🤣 spice your not a good friend 🤣,” one person commented.

“That’s how food be talking to me in my head when I’m on a diet or don’t wanna eat late😂😫😂,” another said.

“Spice is the friend our grandparents warned us about!😂🤣
Grandma-If yuh friend jump off the bridge yawh guh dweet?
Karlie- Yessss😭😭😭😭,” someone added.