Spice, Ishawna catching flights in fashionable masks

Coronavirus might have caused many people to be scared of travelling, but for dancehall artistes Spice and Ishawna, travelling to different countries to perform is their hustle, and coronavirus won’t stop it.

The female stars are still catching flights, and looking fashionable while doing it in their ‘jazzed up’ masks.

Top Gyal Ishawna added some diamonds to her mask, and captioned her post on Instagram with a simple plane emoji to let her fans know of her intention.

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Spice, on the other hand, went a little bit more couture with her mask and tried to make light of the situation.

“Tink dem a come kill mi off before mi buss 🤣 Unu can stay deh a laugh😭🤣😭 Mi no trust dem 😏 Warning to each of my fans, no more hugs or kisses until 2021 Thank you.” she wrote

Are you feeling these masks BUZZ Fam?