Spice lambasts fans for getting too close

Dancehall Artiste, Spice, has lamented the behavior of fans after it seems that several of them invaded the stage as she performed recently in West Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend.

Based on Spice’s posts, it seems the ‘Cool It’ singer found the behavior of some fans, while she was performing, quite unacceptable. “I don’t want no crowd on stage with me when I’m performing. Unuh deaf?” she wrote below a video she posted of herself venting on Instagram.

According to the Artiste, although she loves her fans, she wants some space on the stage. “Oonu know mi tek my stage show very serious, a one ting wid mi mi love mi fans dem, mi very down to earth mi jump inna di crowd wid oonu, mi gwaan wid miself. Mi like when my people enjoy themselves and have fun” she opened with.

Despite her love for her fans, she however sought to caution them about their behavior. “But one ting mi na go settle fa, when oonu si mi come a di show mi know oonu love me and everything, oonu come offa do stage!!! she declared.

She futher indicated that she wants persons to stay off the stage to allow her to work. “Oonu nuh blind oonu see say the stage small, gimme the space mek mi work” the artiste lamented.

It’s uncertain if Spice was also saying this as a means to adhere to the social distancing requirements as it relates to the Coronavirus, but she definitely let fans know how she felt and what was required going forward.