Spice launches clothing website

BUZZ Fam, Spice’s website for her clothing line- Graci Noir is finally live!

The ‘Queen of the Dancehall’ kept her promise to launch her line on October 1st, and hit us with a sleek promo video on her Instagram bright and early this morning.

Spice and models of all different shapes and sizes show off pieces from her line which so far consists of tracksuits, jumpsuits, bodysuits, tops and t-shirts, and dresses.

A quick trek over to her website shows that these pieces go from a low of $49 US to a high of $150 US. And each piece gets a name from a slang in the Jamaican dialect.

A bold red tracksuit for example, is named ‘Goodaz Fi Dem” and goes for a price of $145 US. While a rose pink oversized sweater top is named “Proper Body”, this piece is being sold for $55 US.

Spice informed her fans on Instagram that her brand represents Jamaican culture. “Yeah I rep patois world wide!!!,” she said.

Quite a few of her pieces have already sold out. Will you be grabbing something from her line BUZZ Fam?