Spice launches #IFeelAWay challenge after racist incident

‘Yu haffi ting bad tings mek laugh’.

Dancehall artiste Spice

It’s pretty much the Jamaican response to most serious situations and dancehall artiste Spice is leaning into it after a recent unpleasant incident.

Spice has launched an online challenge to have her fans share thing happenings that have left them in their feelings.

The artiste kicked off the #SpiceIFeelAWay challenge yesterday, December 8, following an incident on the weekend where Spice says she was racially profiled at a Walmart in the United States.

Her video reaction, which has since gone viral, saw the artiste share her feelings about the incident – in which she had her cash inspected multiple times in front of numerous shoppers to authenticate it – which she chalked up to the colour of her skin.

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, said despite being told by an employee not to take the incident personally, she did “feel a way” about the uncomfortable ordeal.

Though she managed to laugh at aspects of the incident, she said it’s situations like that which led to her penning her Black Hypocrisy single.

The “I feel a way” comment has since taken on a life of its own on social media, where users shared incidents that they too also took personally, prompting Spice to create the challenge.