Spice premieres album cover art on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dancehalll artiste Spice

Dancehall artiste Spice used her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show as a plug to show off her upcoming album cover art to her fans.

Host Jimmy Kimmel shared the cover with his millions of fans which shows the ‘Queen of the Dancehall’ stooping over on ice and clad in a metal outfit.

Kimmel then introduced his audience to a spirited performance by Spice, Shaggy and Sean Paul for the track Go Down Deh.

The prerecorded performance was set in a nightclub. But that did not stop the trio from bringing the energy that the song exudes even though Spice jokingly claimed that left they out some of the best bits of her dancing.

She shared the performance on her Instagram where she thanked Jimmy Kimmel for the boost. “Jimmy Kimmel Live thank you, big up yuh self, My album Ten drops July 30th” indicating that her first official album will soon be available.

This is the second time in less than a week that Spice has been on US television after the celebrated trio performed on Good Morning America.

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That performance was also done virtually and many believe this may be the opportunity that Spice has been wanting to join her fellow performers as cross-over superstars.

The track ‘Go Down Deh‘ has been doing extremely well so far. It has racked up over thirteen million views on YouTube and stayed trending on the platform for close to five weeks.