Spice Ravers? Artiste shows off dance moves in IG video

Dancehall artiste, Spice

You probably already knew this, but let’s restate it for amplified effect; dancehall artiste Spice can dance. And no, we’re not talking about the usual splits and twerking that she does in stage performances.

What we’re saying is that if she got tired of creating music, she could roll with any dance crew.

The ‘Queen of the dancehall’ showcased her skills in a short video on Instagram, with the ‘Dancing King’ of dancehall himself, Ding Dong.

Apparently, Ding Dong taught Spice how to do the latest dance craze, ‘Gweh’, created by Ravers Clavers member, Desha Ravers. Spice was very zealous to show off what she had learnt.

“Ding go teach mi wah new dance weh name ‘Gweh’ so you hear wah, you see Desha Davis, you inna problem, better you just pack up, a my dance now, mi tek it over,” she declared, before the two broke out into coordinated dance moves.

Take a look for yourself BUZZ fam.

Obviously enjoying herself throughout the routine, Spice couldn’t contain her excitement And her fans were more than happy she shared this side of her with them.

“Spice Ravers with the drip💙,” one fan commented.

“U cya do this dance without the face expression enuh… spice killed it💙,” another added.