Spice recruits new talent for her team in Atlanta

Dancehall artiste Spice recently held a job fair in Atlanta, Georgia, seeking members for her team as she continues to blaze a trail on the dancehall scene.

Spice shared on Instagram a snippet of what took place on Wednesday (April 7), where she got a look at potential talent that will now form a part of what she describes as her dream team.

In March, Spice made an announcement that she was seeking a variety of talents, including dancers, choreographers, security, music video director, hairstylists among others. 

Following COVID-19 testing and observing social distancing rules, Spice saw a number of persons who turned out, in what she described as an amazing day, and indicated that she was ready to build an empire.

Sitting in a throne like seat, which signaled her image as queen of the dancehall, Spice was able to get a look at all who came out. She noted that she was quite pleased with what she saw. 

“I am actually right here in Atlanta doing my casting audition, my fans are here people are here who is like ready, they have their work ethic, hairstylist come with maniquin head to show me what they can do, dancers are here, choreographer are here, everybody is here” she remarked.

Commenting below her post was fellow dancehall act Konshens, who lauded Spice on her effort to build persons, while pointing out the challenges she had been facing over the years. 

“Nuh wah seem like me a itch up inna u comments chu we have song, but this mek mi feel proud. Creating opportunities while treating yourself as the serious BRAND you are. Tried this a few years ago, creating opportunities for people and team building and majority of them turned against me, me did seh mi done wid ppl til about a year ago, to see you go thru drama after drama and still at it again is inspiring. Some people get a way, some people mek a way”.

Spice thanked him in her reply and indicated that she will continue to build opportunities for others. “Bro I feel you on this in so many levels. It’s hard to know you build people and them same one turn against you and you best believe you will build more people again and again and they will still turn against you. We can’t change people nor their mind set but we can continue to build and create an unforgettable legacy with or without who we started with. We are who we are, it’s not how the race starts it’s how it ends. Thanks for the support Mad respect” she wrote in reply.

Spice had lost a part of her staff, in particular dancers, after they had a falling out recently. It was insinuated that Spice was not paying her dancers fairly and it boiled over on social media with persons showing their sides of the coin. However she had refuted those claims and instead pointed out that her dancers were costing her up to JMD$500K per month in salary and other costs.