Spice reunites with ‘twin’

Spice with her ‘twin’ Kimona

BUZZ Fam, you know what they say, we all have someone out there that look exactly like us. Well recently, dancehall artiste Spice, got to meet her doppelganger, and we were shooketh.

Spice told fans on her YouTube channel, Spice Official World that she met Kimona (her doppelganger) at an airport. Spice explained that Kimona was often quizzed about her resemblance to Spice. So she brought her on her channel to to let her fans decide if the two really do look alike.

After a makeover, with both ladies donning Spice signature blue wig, and a black outfit, the two could pass for twins! And many people in the comments agreed.

“The only thing off is the voice ..me a tell you😍😊,” one viewer commented.

“Spice !!! She is your long last sister no cap ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” another person commented.

After the grand reveal, the two sat down for an interview. Kimona expressed that she was Spice’s biggest fan (makes sense), and got to ask Spice some questions she had. Spice in her true fashion, was pretty candid with her responses.

Spice shared the encounter on her YouTube channel, Spice Official World. She Hey Guys Meet Kimona ,a super fan that i met at the airport. She says alot of people tells her she looks like me , so I brought her over and did an exact spice make over so you can see for yourself if she looks like me.

“What you have for us in the future after all this quarantine is over?” Kimona asked Spice.

“I am working on a secret compilation album. I’m in the studio, and I’ve been working, mi have whole heap a surprise and whole heap a songs coming,” Spice said.