Spice says Justin Budd is ‘daddy’: “I’m no longer a single mom”

Spice and her partner, Justin Budd, are proving to be quite the dynamic duo, particularly where her family is concerned.

Spice’s family Christmas photo shared to Instagram.

The two teamed up to pull the ultimate Christmas prank on Spice’s son, Nicholas, by making him think they got him a huge box of children’s clothing.

Through laughter, Spice recorded Nicholas opening a huge gift box, only to reveal Spongebob Squarepants-themed and other cartoon clothing items and boxes of Cap’n Crunch, which the young boy tried to put on a brave face for.

It wasn’t until he hit the bottom of the box, where he hit a second layer and the gift that everyone wanted this Christmas, the in-demand PlayStation 5.

Overjoyed, Nicholas is seen walking off in shock before returning and giving a smiling Justin a hug. He then takes the gift, clearly needing nothing else, and proceeds upstairs while Spice is heard laughing in the background.

She captioned the heartwarming video, “For loving my kids the way you love me. ❤️ For years I’ve been a single mom and only parent gifting my kids with their hearts desire. Well this Christmas God has blessed our home 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 I’m no longer a Single mom.”