Spice says she’s now a millionaire

Get into this look BUZZ Fam!

Dancehall artiste Spice will be releasing her debut album Ten at the end of July. And this morning the Queen of the Dancehall was in a reflective mood as she approaches this milestone in her career.

Sharing a stunning photo of her dressed in a black gown, Spice carried her Instagram followers on her musical journey that has now culminated in her being a millionaire.

“I came from the ground up ‼️ I went from Homeless to owning Houses, from one pair of shoe and $0 in my account to now a Millionaire,” she stated in the lengthy post.

She continued; “For over a decade I’ve been my own Manager, Producer, Director, PR,stylist, Social media Manager, Creative Director and the long list goes on. Moral of my story , I’ve built brand Spice on my own, she said.

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And although she has encountered numerous challenges along the way, Spice shared that her belief in God, and in herself, kept her going.

“I struggled to stay consistent with no major support system behind me , simple because I believed in myself and Never gave up,” she said.

“I’ve built brand Spice on my own.”


She added; “God was my refuge 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Besties if the door is closed open it, if the waves get rough ride through the storm. If the road is too rocky create another way to drive on, just keep moving and don’t ever look back to listen to the Voices and opinions of people.”

Her post did what it was supposed to do, and had her followers feeling very inspired.

“From one hard working artist to another I have to say big up @spiceofficial GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL,” dancehall artiste Charly Blacks commented.

“And I’m sooo proud! Queen-ship aint only about songs or views! This is it!!! Struggling and doing it all by yourself💙 love u spice,” a fan commented.