Spice shares touching moment with fan who shouts her deceased father’s name

Spice doesn’t want anyone to mess with her fans, not even her own security detail.

Spice may be one of the biggest artistes in dancehall but she forever reminds us that she remains grounded and still very much grateful for her success.

In a video shared to her Instagram, the So Mi Like It artiste is seen being escorted from a Tampa, Florida venue following a performance. She is seen surrounded by her beau, Justin Budd, and security trying to hustle her out of the location and away from the fans, who are brushed aside, sometimes a little too harshly for the star’s liking.

“One thing with me I’m not in the hype shit. Security Don’t push my f%*king Fans out the way.”

– Spice

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, is heard loudly repeating that they should not push her fans.

Almost clear of the following crowd, someone is heard shouting “Polofin” which immediately gets a reaction from Spice, who turns around and asks “Who seh dat?” twice to which a male voice replies “A Booka enuh”.

Spice greets the unseen ‘Booka’, who turns out to be a resident of her childhood Portmore community and knew her father, who went by the name ‘Polofin’.

She explained the moment in her Instagram caption for the video, stating “One thing with me I’m not in the hype shit. Security Don’t push my f%*king Fans out the way 🤬.”

She added that she had to post the video to show respect for her father, who she says is the reason she began music, but passed away when she was a child. “Some one from my neighborhood shouted out my dads name so I was like “Hold the fk up” 😂🤣😂 Big up Booka T and the entire old Braeton where I’m from. Tampa was a movie 💙💙💙BIG UP MY FATHER HE DIED WHEN I WAS 9😒 ‼️‼️‼️ He’s the reason I started music 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾”