Spice, Shenseea urge fans to stay home


Two of dancehall’s leading women are urging Jamaicans to stay inside as much as possible during the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 140 people have been infected with the virus since it was first confirmed in Jamaica on March 10. Five fatalities have been reported. The Alorica call centre in Portmore, St Catherine, has been the subject of a spike in corona cases, triggering a one-week lockdown of St Catherine.

Though currently in Atlanta, Spice was raised in Portmore and took to Instagram to implore Jamaicans to stay home.

“Memba a me name busy body, my natural life, one week nuh pass and mi nuh deh pon a plane and a go all bout,” Spice told followers.

Since the announcement of the lockdown on Tuesday, several St Catherine residents have been flocking to the supermarket to stock up on food items, some disregarding social distancing measures.

Spice expressed disappointment in the nonchalant approach taken by some Jamaicans, and encouraged others to not get stuck in the same boat.

“Mi feel like Jamaica nah go tek dis serious until people start drop in front dem like fly,” she said. “The government lock down Portmore, yuh waan fi tell mi seh unno wait until the place lockdown fi di whole a unno waan fi buy food fi put inna unno house? Yuh waan fi tell mi seh Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, St Thomas, Mandeville, May Pen, all of the other place dem unno nah start buy up food from now and water and put inna unno house and unno hear everybody a preach seh unno fi stay home?”

These sentiments were supported by Shenseea who also used her social media platform to implore Jamaicans to play their part in the fight against COVID-19.


“Mi feel like Jamaicans nah tek dis serious because dem nuh aware a waan gwaan overseas,” Shenseea said. “Stay home. Yuh see mi teeth, look, mi deven a get it fixed. Mi nuh waan nobody inna mi mouth to how serious mi a tek dis. This pandemic is really really serious.”

She reminded followers to wear masks and protect themselves if they must go outdoors.

“People are dying in mass a foreign, when mi seh mass mi a talk bout over 800 people a day…dem can’t even have funeral, dem just haffi come up with the body dem, round dem up and just a burn dem, literally.

“Mi feel like seh unno fi stop pressure di government because they’re doing the best they can, especially Mr Holness. Him a one man and a nuh fi him country alone,  a di whole a we country… and fi unno part is just as simple fi just stay home, literally, just stay a yuh yard.”