Spice slams Chug It promoters, says she’ll be suing them for defamation

Dancehall artiste Spice took to Instagram late Sunday (September 5) where she threatened to sue the promoters of the party event, Chug It.

According to Spice, she felt disrespected by the promoters of the party, who she said made a post on their Instagram feed noting that they would be taking legal action against her for breach of contract.

However, Spice said she would be counter-suing for defamation, referring to defamation of character.

According to Spice, she had a feeling that herself and the promoters of Chug It wouldn’t be on good terms following the staging of the event.

Spice said she had the premonition based on the events leading up to the party that something would go awry.

The first indication that all was not well, Spice said, came from her dancers who noted that their flights to the venue of the party had been cancelled, due to issues with the credit card used to book the flight.

“Every ticket dem buy, me nuh know a what happen to them credit card. So, it look like a me unno want fi give unno some money cause every ticket weh unno buy it cancelled. Unno card nuh stop cancel and unno card nuh stop decline, ” said Spice.

“You see if me did follow me mind unno wouldn’t get a chance to take liberty ah me. When me dancer ticket cancel and me travel party from Jamaica ticket cancel. Me Grace Hamilton turn round and she ‘ Yuh know what, I am going to buy my ticket, myself. And when I reach they can reimburse me for my ticket,” added an impassioned Spice.

Ignoring this first sign, Spice said she went on to not only purchase her own ticket to the event, but had to grab a Lyft to get to the venue.

Spice didn’t just share her version of the events, she seeded her audience with airline itineraries, emails and other evidence.

For all her efforts, Spice said when she arrived at the party, she was told that the event had ended.

” Stick a pin, stick a pin. Elsie seh, hear me a seh Elsie, wah de man yah name? Lewis, one of the promoter seh me a perform 9:00 p.m. and when me reach a the venue him seh police lock off the venue 9:00 p.m.

“Yuh want to tell me seh you never know what time the state give you the venue until,” questioned a heated Spice,

“Yes, unno can sue me, but unno can’t sue me and win because inna the first place, I never did fi deh a Miami. From me buy me own a ticket me shouldn’t come here.

“So me nuh understand, how unno ago post up dem something there pon unno Instagram. Me ago mek unno sorry seh unno post it because a sue fi sue. Cause a defamation a character unno deh pon. Because me go out of my way fi come a Chug It. Me pay me own a way, me buy me own a ticket, me find me own a hotel, me find me own a drive. And it still never enough for unno. Unno still turn round and a try fi defame me name and me character, ” added Spice.

Spice said that while she had the utmost respect for party brands from her native Jamaica, she refused to be disrespected by party promoters.