Spice takes aim at detractors with ‘02.20.2020’

Dancehall phenom Spice was in a confrontational mode recently as she took on her detractors in her latest track 02.20.2020.

The track which was also released on the same date, sees Spice calling on those who envy her success to realize that she put in a lot of hard work to reach where she is currently.

“Hate me through mi wear likkle Louis and Fendi but weh dem did deh weh never even have panty,” Spice pointedly lambasts haters, while riding the rhythm.

The track was accompanied by a video that features Spice, clad in a bathrobe, showing off her current life of luxury as she shows of designer rugs and carpets in her bedroom and a contemporary and stylish bathroom.

However, while Spice was taking aim at her detractors, she had something nice for her over million followers as she is providing the first 20 persons to get the lyrics right with JMD $20,000.00 each, a total of $400,000.00.

It’s uncertain if anyone has won anything so far, but fans have been loving the track and showing Spice their elation for her delivery on what is expected to be another chart-topper.