Spice talks sex toys, travelling and more in new vlog

The power of the purse is well-known. From transporting identification, to personal care products, makeup and…sex toys?

Dancehall artiste Spice shares her travel must-haves in her latest video.

Dancehall artiste Spice is always one to talk the things, and in her latest YouTube vlog she doesn’t hold anything. The ‘What’s in my bag’ video, a popular one for vloggers, showed viewers some of the must-haves for the So Mi Like It deejay.

The Gucci backpack, which has been around the world with the artiste as she entertains fans, is a virtual self-sustaining vessel.

“I really don’t know much about sex toys but I did try this one day and baby girl, baby girl!”

– Spice

In between mouthfuls of a bagel with cream cheese and jelly, the Tables Turn artiste said “I’m an independent woman, I like to know I bring everything I know need inside my bag so I think this is where you’re going to realise I do have everything I want.”

A failed attempt to count the numerous things in her bag starts off with her first of three cellphones; an iPhone that she uses in Jamaica and the US. SHe also has another to roam when travelling to other countries and a third, this one a Samsung, for taking her pictures because why not?

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, follows up with her phone charger, the borrowing of which she lets viewers know is her pet peeve; wet wipes; makeup wipes; two types of deodorant and gum.

Promotional image of Spice
Spice said she likes to travel with everything she knows she will need.

Enter the purse within the bag, loaded with currencies from the many places she’s been to because “me naw walk and swipe my cyaad everywere ina the world, I’m not doing that”.

A makeup bag with lace glue, lash glue and nail glue follow with Spice then pulling out her snack pack that includes nuts, granola bars and vitamins.

Perhaps the most shocking thing to be pulled from the artiste’s bag comes next, when Spice reveals a purple sex toy, wrapped in a clear plastic bag, which she says was gifted to her by Karlie Redd, her Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta co-star.

While initially playing coy, the Indicator singer bursts into a fit of giggles as she tried to explain how it works. “I really don’t know much about sex toys but I did try this one day and baby girl, baby girl! Let me tell you honey! You’ve got to get yourself a rabbit or something.”

Spice continued, “Mi have it ina waan scandal bag ina mi bag just in case; you never know, cause I don’t travel with a man so you never know.” The descriptives that follow are perhaps best heard for oneself.

Other travel essentials include her monogrammed Louis Vuitton fragrance, a shower cap to protect her wig, her line of makeup brushes and palettes, more vitamins, car keys and a key ring that holds sentimental great value to her.

Check out the link to her vlog below: