Wah gwaan? Spice teaches Young Ma patois

Dancehall artiste, Spice (left) Young Ma (right)

If you’re Jamaican, then you understand the duty you have to teach friends from other countries a little bit of patois. In fact, some may even demand it. If anything, it is a tribute to the influence of Jamaican culture, and so many of us do it with pleasure.

Dancehall artiste Spice found herself performing her solemn duty as an ambassador of Jamaican culture in teaching rapper Young Ma patois at a Halloween party recently.

Spice shared a video to Instagram enjoying herself with friends when Young Ma came on camera to say hi. Spice then encouraged Young Ma to speak in patois. She happily obliged.

“Wah gwaan?” she said, before releasing a string of Jamaican expletives. “Big up Jamaica. Weh dem mean?”

Spice and her friend, Karlie Redd, excitedly told Young Ma that she was “picking up di patois”.