Spice tells haters to “put some respect on my name”

Talk about a throwback Thursday!

Dancehall artiste Spice

Dancehall artiste Spice may be at the top of her game now but she’s anything but an overnight sensation.

The So Mi Like It artiste has been on the scene for two decades and wants fans and detractors alike to remember and acknowledge the work she has put in to get to dancehall’s pinnacle.

In a post to her Twitter page, the artiste, born Grace Hamilton, shared the video to her first music video Fix Me which debuted way back in 2001.

The caption read, “l A lot of people think #Fightovaman was my very first song but here’s my very first hit and first music video ever, 2001Partying face Video quality poor but this was 19 years ago when I was hungry AF Tired faceand now y’all want to hate me for my glow up Thinking face You betta put some respect on my name.”

She followed up with a tweet that noted she’s a “black woman who overcame poverty” adding that she has no manager or record label behind her.

“Did this single handedly and proud. Big up #TeamSpice”

Since her start, Spice has gone on to dominate the genre, racking up numerous hits, touring, starring in the Love and Hip Hop reality series, fronting a makeup line and gaining millions of followers and subscribers across her social platforms.