Spice tells us why she never did a collab with Shenseea

We just know a collab between these two would have been fire!

It’s the collab most of us wanted, but never got. And apparently it’s the ‘big belly man’ who ought to be blamed.

BUZZ Fam, remember when dancehall artistes Spice and Shenseea used to comment under each other’s pics on the ‘Gram, and take photos together after shows? Well, the two were also supposed to collaborate on a song as well but this didn’t happen. And last night during her Instagram Live, Spice told us who was to be blamed.

“Every time mi go somewhere a one a di main question weh everybody a ask mi…”when mi an di girl… why mi and di girl… why. First of all, a di big belly man mek mi nuh do no song wid har.,” she stated.

And while she didn’t expound on who the ‘Big Belly Man’ was, it’s not rocket science to figure out that Spice was referring to Shenseea’s manager.

She added; “Because the man used to walk and badmouth mi all bout and talk all kind a tings, and seh all kinda ting weh come back to mi. So a right deh so it start from why the song neva end up do because song did fi do, the song did fi do.”

Spice explained that she and Shenseea, who she refers to as ‘the girl’ were actually in the planning stages of a collab, and the two were pretty excited.

“We all a plan, di girl come wid all good idea, and she seh she have a idea and ray ray ray, and mi did wah do di song and everything,” she said.

But since the apparent fallout with her and Shenseea’s manager, the collaboration didn’t happen and Spice just wants to put it all behind her.

“But yuh see like how yuh keep on a ask bout da one something ya, and yuh keep on a come pan di Live and uno a bring up people weh mi nuh want uno bring wid mi fi di rest a mi life, mi aguh just talk weh mi a talk and done because uno know seh when mi talk a just talk mi mind and finish up and mi nuh really response mi just talk,” she said.