Spice to reimburse fans she sees rocking Graci Noir

Dancehall artiste and fashion entrepreneur Spice is planning to show some love to persons who buys and wears her brand of clothing, Graci Noir.

The ‘So Mi Like It’ singer has announced that she will be reimbursing fans whom she comes into contact with and are wearing clothing from her brand. She made the disclosure on her Instagram account recently. 

“From this day forth any one who I happen to see wearing my brand Graci Noir as long as it’s not at an “advertised” location. I will refund their money, Support for Support” she wrote below a video of her interaction with a fan.

Spice took the decision after seeing the fan wearing her clothing at a stage show where she was performing in Panama City in Florida and insisted that she would pay for the clothing while also paying for her admission to the show.

Spice has been busy with the brand since she released it in 2020 indicating that it has sold out on a number of occasions since she has released the line that mainly caters to females.