Spice wants to help fans earn money all 2021

For 2021, dancehall entertainer Spice wants to go “where the money reside,” and she’s taking her fans with her.

Dancehall artiste Spice

The deejay’s new favourite word is focus, in light of the recent shots that have taken aim at her brand and integrity over the past two months.

“Let’s focus on money this year,” she told fans on Instagram last night. “Let’s keep our focus and if you see me a get off track, tag me and say ‘focus’. That’s the key word, focus… Straight money we a deal wid this year, straight hustling.”

The Back Bend artiste is putting action behind her words, as she said she’ll be launching an ambassador partnership to help her fans earn cash.

“Unno don’t remember when there was a time when I never have none and is start mi start from somewhere.”

– Spice

“I have an affiliate program for my company and what I’m basically doing is I’m looking for ambassadors where you get a percentage of what I make,” she said. “It’s a website, it will be very transparent to you but it’s like a side job – you make your own money from it… We will send you products, maybe things to post or whatever it is but you make a percentage off of each sale with your code and that’s my way of just giving back to fans or girls weh waan mek something on the side.”

She didn’t stop there, and listed a myriad of things unemployed folks can venture into which require little to no capital, like babysitting, gardening and catering.

“Yuh probably is not a teacher by profession, maybe yuh nav a certificate fi it but maybe your education level is so good and you realise that you could teach maybe smaller children or help dem with homework. That’s a job; you don’t need money for it. So the likkle ghetto girl dem weh inna di community mi know unno bright…mi know other people a go a work and probably want dem likkle four-year-old, five-year-old fi do homework or dem likkle nine-year-old fi get prepared for PEP…”

Spice owns two businesses, including her Graci Noir clothing line.

She told fans to not be discouraged by the popular saying that “black people don’t support each other.”

“I have two businesses (Faces and Laces and Graci Noir)…a who a buy mi something dem? A who a support mi? When mi go a my show dem and di people dem pay dem hard-working money…a who a support me?… The system set dah way deh fi we bring dung each other, fi we nuh support each other so dem beat the phrases inna we head and we believe it. Nothing no go so.”

She also acknowledged that some viewers may dismiss her virtual TED Talk because she is in a better financial position.

“I start from these little things because a lot of times unno love seh unno nuh have no money fi dweet… Unno love seh, ‘You have money so you can say it’. Unno don’t remember when there was a time when I never have none and is start mi start from somewhere.”

The entertainer intends to follow-up on her “focus mission” by forming groups where she motivates her fans.

“We need fi start up some group, mi need fi explain to unno mi journey.”