Spice’s dancer, Dancing Rebel, goes into business

Dancehall artiste Spice isn’t the only entrepreneur in the gang. Her dancer, Dancing Rebel, is also a businesswoman with at least three ventures.

Dancing Rebel operates about three businesses.

Rebel is the CEO of a feminine care line called Her Palace, and she also operates a courier company, Rhebel Nation, which offers pickup and delivery in the Corporate Area. She also teamed up with fellow Team Spice dancer, Pretty Pretty, for a skincare line called Buzz ‘A’ Way.

But the business that stole the spotlight on Monday is Her Palace that Rebel launched in June.

Dressed in a pink bathrobe, Spice did an advertisement for Her Palace.

“Big up mi dancer, Dancing Rebel. She start the best business fi unuh out there. Unuh haffi get dem product here. It’s all about the Her Palace yoni product. Natural sup’m, clean clean sup’m mi a talk bout,” Spice said in the Instagram post.

“It’s all about the citrus wash – organic, all natural, and you know dem have the steam… Yuh caan walk a road and scent a badda yuh, girl. Get the Her Palace product dem. Big up Dancing Rebel. This is the business that every woman needs.”

Some of the products offered by Her Palace are Yoni Wash, Yoni Oil, Yoni Mist, Steam Herbs, Yoni Steam Seat, Tightening Wand, Yoni Soap and the Ultra Fibroid Removal Herbal Tea. The items are sold for between US$5 and US$50.