Spice’s son gets birthday kiss from Jada Kingdom

Nicholas celebrated his 14th birthday on Sunday (August 23)

Not every teenage boy can say he was kissed by Jada Kingdom but when your mom is Spice there are some perks.

Kingdom was among the star-studded guests at Nicholas’ 14th birthday party on Sunday and he had the honour of cutting his cake with the Heavy singer.

The event unfolded at Spice’s Atlanta abode and guests including Yandy Smith, Shekinah Anderson, Unruly Squid, and Spice’s boo Justin Budd gathered around to sing Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday song before Nicholas cut the cake.

Kingdom stood beside him and guided him through cutting the cake in a photogenic way. Among her tips were to hold the knife and pause for a photo op, then “one, two and den we go suh and chups him now,” she said while pecking him on the cheek.

Nicholas nodded in agreement, grinned and everyone clapped in excitement.

Before that, Kingdom, Spice, and Unruly Squid were having some girly fun which they shared to their Instagram Stories.

In Spice’s Story, the ladies twerked in unison while singing Kingdom’s Budum before raising their cups for a toast.

“This is not water,” Kingdom said. “Mi deh a Spice house and mi don’t hungry and mi don’t hot over yah.”

“Cheers to good life,” Spice added before they all wished Nicholas a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to mi nice, clean son,” Spice said in another clip alongside Nicholas. “Yuh madda love yuh like life. Yuh madda woulda dead fi yuh right now, mi nah ask Christ.”

She matched Nicholas’ Versace fly and he gave her a kiss for the camera.

But not everyone was in attendance. Father Nicholas Lall was left out of the mix but sent his wishes via video montage on his Instagram page.

“Help me wish my son a happy 14th birthday,” he wrote. “Words can’t explain the love I have for you. I just want you to know that I love you and will continue to love you from a distance. Happy birthday Nicholas. #youwillalwaysbemygeneral.”

Spice’s muse, rapper Missy Elliott, was also absent but sent her wishes in a video message.

“Nicho, I just wanna say happy birthday from Missy Elliott and I hope you have a beautiful, beautiful birthday and listen, you got such a bright future ahead of you so you can be anything you wanna be. Don’t let anybody stop you and just always remember that.”

Sunday also marked the birthday of deejays Beenie Man and Rygin King, late dancer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy and selector Richie Feelings.