Spiderman back with Marvel Cinematic Universe

It seems the challenges that Sony and Marvel had are behind them.

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The film industry giants have inked a partnership that among other things keeps Spiderman appearing in the Avenger films.

Earlier this year news broke that the two entities had seen talks fail and that Marvel would no longer be producing the Spiderman movies as a result of the failed talks.

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However, this news is certain to be quite welcomed by fans who have grown to love Spidey swinging his way into the Avengers franchise. Also, the Spiderman man movies have certainly seen an improvement in overall content and direction since coming under Marvel production.

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Marvel’s Kevin Fiege set to produce the next Spiderman film

The third film in this current iteration of the Spiderman series is set for 2021 and Marvel is back on as producers with Kevin Feige leading the charge on behalf of Marvel.